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Esmer Bedia (College of Liberal Arts), Brooke Bulow and Edna Dominguez (Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs) at True Colors®: Keys to Personal Success (Spanish)

True Colors® has become such a vital part of my work life. When I was first introduced to True Colors®, I knew it was an incredible tool that would help me better understand people on a deeper level. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed facilitating True Colors® with student groups. It has given me great insight into their developing personalities and helped them navigate the student experience as they grow and learn.

One thing I often discuss with my students, after introducing them to True Colors®, is how important it is to understand that our color spectrums include all True Colors® —Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. When they learn their colors initially, they want to cling with pride to their brightest color. However, I explain to them that although there may be brighter in one color than another, we still utilize all the colors. My favorite example, is that although my Orange is brighter than my Gold, at work I have to stay on task and keep a schedule because it is vital to the success of my students and the work I do.

I encourage staff to take a look at their entire True Colors® spectrum. All your colors influence the role you play on your team and should be celebrated!

Esmer Bedia
True Colors® Facilitator
College of Liberal Arts