TA Handbook Overview

Graduate students are vital to the teaching mission of The University of Texas at Austin. Through academic employment as Teaching Assistants (TAs), they work alongside accomplished professors and other instructors of record to synthesize material and gain a deeper understanding of disciplinary content and methods. TAs master instructional skills and empower younger students by providing group and individual assistance to undergraduates and serving as role models. As academic employees, TAs play an essential role in the rich learning environment of the Forty Acres.

The College of Liberal Arts recognizes the valuable contributions of TAs and supports them in their dual roles as graduate students and university employees. Managing the demands of these two types of professional training can be challenging. Whereas individual departments are valuable sources of program-specific information, the Liberal Arts TA Handbook provides a general guide to the policies and procedures, as well as the rights and responsibilities, governing TA employment at The University of Texas at Austin. We encourage TAs to use this handbook and take advantage of the many resources available on campus.

We are grateful to the members of our TA Task Force and our graduate coordinators, who were instrumental in exploring needs and practices across the College of Liberal Arts and who initiated the compilation of this resource. The TA Handbook is a work in progress, and we invite further contributions to its content – contact Erica Whittington with suggestions at whittington@austin.utexas.edu.