The Lighter Side of Dr. E. Mott Davis

TARL’s staff is working hard to digitize many of our old records, including the many hundreds of pages of professional and personal correspondence from some of the greatest minds in the history of Texas archeology.

Dr. E. Mott Davis was a professor in the UT Anthropology Department from 1956 into the 1990s, and was a well-known face in the Texas Archeological Society. He was a major figure in Plains archeology and is fondly remembered by many of his students.

We thought we’d share the following delightful exchange between Dr. E. Mott Davis and Dr. Alfred E. Dittert, Jr., of New Mexico State University.

Dr. Dittert’s message to Dr. Davis:

And Dr. Davis’ reply:

More entirely serious messages from Mott can be found at the Nebraska University Library’s website.

2 thoughts on “The Lighter Side of Dr. E. Mott Davis”

  1. Mott was not only blessed with a great sense of humour, but with great patience as well. In the early 1960s, the Carrizo Springs High School Archeological Society (I was president/editor) invited Mott to give a public lecture in Carrizo, to be followed by a BBQ, and the obligatory identification of artifacts. Having never seen what a professional archeologist was like, the townfolk filled the high school auditorium, and Mott was a great hit!

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