Happy Retirement, Jean!

Dear Earthlings:

I have been studying your cultures and primitive technologies for several years. See my first report below.

Although I have made many friends during my time at TARL, I feel I have learned as much as I can about this planet by staying here. I will be checking on the activities at TARL as time goes by. A new watcher will be coming shortly. They may not identify themselves, except by their human designation. You are still expected to continue turning in site forms, sketch maps, and shapefiles, fill out worksheets when at TARL, and send in complete information for file searches.

I am heartened by the amount of archeological and historical work that is still taking place today. That is one of this planet’s saving graces. The verdict on Earth is still out. The rest of the universe is watching Earth—from a distance.

Jean Hughes

Jean’s First Report in the TARL Staff Directory:

Born on the planet Zxelon in a “galaxy far far away,” Jean Hughes braved being sanctioned by the Intergalactic Council by traveling to that eternally quarantined planet, Earth, to study the mysterious, wild, and sometimes violent species that refer to themselves as “humans.” Disguised as a mild mannered TexSite and Atlas Coordinator at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, she works with ArcGIS, does records searches, and when possible, paper conservation of TARL’s voluminous collections. In her spare time she studies earthlings through community service in East Austin and those wonderful mediums for collecting personal information: Nextdoor, Neighborhood Watch, and occasionally YouTube—where humans display the best of their intellectual and artistic talents.

Jean Hughes with husband Richard and TARL Registrar Rosario Casarez at the TARL Archeology Fair in 2016.

It is with both sadness and warm wishes that we are announcing the retirement of a long-time TARL staff member, TexSite and Atlas Coordinator Jean Hughes. Jean will be leaving TARL at the end of August 2018 after 26 years of service. Jean has been a fixture in the Texas archeological community since the 1970s, and worked under Dr. Jim Neely at WS Ranch for many years. Jean is well-known in the Texas Archeological Society and always volunteers with community and educational events.

In addition to her work at TARL, Jean is a dedicated member of her synagogue and choir and was also active with wildlife rescue for many years. She is also very active in her University Hills neighborhood, contributing many hours to the community garden and other efforts. We are sure her husband of 40 years, Richard, her adult children Kate and Burt, and the rest of the Zxelonians are looking forward to spending more time together as Jean retires. We will miss her and wish her all the best!

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