Track & Career Night

Track Night

Are you a confused sophomore or freshman? Do you not know what you want to do with BME once you graduate? Track night is an event where BMEs can learn about the different tracks and talk to upperclassmen, graduate students, and alumni about their experiences within the tracks and gain valuable insight on navigating the UT BME curriculum. Track Night will be a virtual event this year, but come to our in-person networking session to meet 1-on-1 with some of the panelists and grab food to go! This event is co-hosted with the BME Mentorship Program.

Career Night

As BMEs, we attain quite a few skills in a number of different areas, making us good candidates for a variety of different careers. If you feel overwhelmed or are uncertain about what you’d like to do after graduation, come out to career night and explore the many things BSBMEs can do and have done after college! Graduate students and BME alumni will be present to answer questions and talk about their experiences.

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