BME Research Library

This library aims to narrow down your search for a lab by dividing the various labs in the UT BME department by the track(s) that they best represent. In your search, be sure to explore past publications to get a feel for what questions the lab is hoping to explore and answer. After you find a lab that you would like to join, there are a number of ways to reach out and share your interest. If you don’t feel too confident cold-emailing, try GURU or Eureka.
Click on a link to view the lab website.

Track 1 | Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation

Ben-Yakar Lab
Dunn (Functional Optical Imaging) Lab
Lu Lab
Rylander (Medical Device) Lab
Santacruz Lab
Tunnell (Biophotonics) Lab

Track 2 | Cellular and Biomolecular Engineering

Baker Lab
Brock Lab
Cosgriff-Hernandez Lab
Georgiou Lab
Jiang (Systems Immunology) Lab
Kim (BioMe) Lab
Peppas Lab
Sakiyama-Elbert Lab
Stachowiak Lab
Suggs Lab
Yi Lab
Zoldan Lab

Track 3 | Computational Biomedical Engineering

Jiang (Systems Immunology) Lab
Markey (Biomedical Informatics) Lab
Ren (Computational Biomolecular Engineering) Lab
Sacks Lab
Dr. Yankeelov (Center for Computational Oncology)
Yeh (NanoBiosensors and Molecular Tracking) Lab
Yi Lab

Track 4 | Biomechanics

Lu Lab
Parekh Lab
Rausch (Soft Tissue Biomechanics) Lab
Sacks Lab
Stachowiak Lab

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