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Texas Robotics Graduate Students organization board structure

Here’s a little more info about how the org board runs. The current TRGS org board is made up of students who volunteered to found the organization and have been with it from its inception in Summer 2021. We typically meet as a group once a week to discuss our upcoming events. At the start of the semester we roughly plan out our events and use that calendar as a reference during our meetings. Overall, being an org board member is a commitment of about 1-2 hours a week with some weeks being more busy than others.  The current roles of org board members are:

  • President (Keya Ghonasgi) is the leader and organizer responsible for holding executive authority.
  • Vice President (Christina Petlowany) leads relations with the University and Texas Robotics and assists the President in their duties and assumes the role of the President in their absence.
  • Treasurer (Isaiah Scott), in charge of financial management of the groups accounts and responsibilities.
  • Social Chair (Sheela Sharma) is responsible for the organization of social events throughout the year
  • Internal Tech Chair (Yifeng Zhu) is responsible for organizing tech events (Talks, workshops etc.) within the Texas Robotics community
  • External Tech Chair (Kristen Michaelson) is responsible for organizing tech events (Talks, tours etc.) with external members of the Robotics communities including industry affiliates.
  • Communications Chair (Yuqian Jiang) is in charge of our external communications, managing our website etc.
  • Event Logistics Chair (Chang Shi) leads event planning for all events in coordination with specific event chairs and acts as event lead in their absence.

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