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Spring 2017 General Meetings

Meetings for Spring 2017 will be held in CLA 1.106 from 7-8pm. 

The following are the dates for our meetings: 5 in total

February 2nd

February 15

March 2nd

March 29th

April 13th

Requirements to be an active member is the same as Fall 2016.

Please note that conventions for the state & national conventions occur in the spring. If you would like to participate, please contact via email to UTNSA. 

Fall 2016 First General Meeting – September 14th!

The UTNSA newsletter has been sent out to all members! If you haven’t received it, and would like to receive the newsletter, please message the UTNSA Facebook page (www.facebook.com/utnsa13)! We can’t wait to meet you at our first meeting on September 14th at 7-8pm on campus in CLA 1.106!

Here’s the rest of the Fall 2016 meeting dates! All are still from 7-8pm in CLA 1.106.


6th General Meeting Tonight!

Don’t forget! We have our 2nd to last UTNSA meeting TONIGHT, Thurs, April 14th, in CBA 4.326! We’ll be featuring DOUBLE guest speakers, Mrss. Edgar and Hentzen, who are both S1 instructors with experience in Pediatrics and Maternity (L&D)! This will be an awesome opportunity to learn more about these specialities if you’re interested in working with babies/children! 
We’re also going to be raffling off a Kaplan book!
 See y’all there!

UTNSA Scholarship!


As promised, here is the application form for our first-ever UTNSA Scholarship! The amount is $200, and the application deadline is Monday, April 4th, at 11:59pm via email to me (lianalochau@utexas.edu).

Requirements: You must be a paid UTNSA member of this semester and have at least 1 semester of active member status. Members who are more involved in UTNSA have a higher chance of winning.

Remember that even if you don’t have active member status right now, you may still have a chance to be one as we still have some volunteering and socials happening before the scholarship application deadline of April 4th. You need to have attended 3 meetings, 3 socials, and done 6 hours of volunteering to be considered active member status.
Please let me know if you have any questions, and the Exec Board is excited to read your application!

Election Results and 3.23.16 Meeting Slides


I want to first THANK YOU so much for coming to the election meeting tonight!! It was such a privilege and pleasure to serve you as your President this year, and I hope you’ve had a really positive experience with being a part of this organization. I also want to thank all candidates for running, and I enjoyed listening to all your speeches. If I could, I’d want to elect all of you!

There were some really close elections this year but without further ado, please congratulate the 2016-2017 UTNSA Executive Board!

President: Linda Yoo
Vice President: Emma Breaux
Administrative Director: Taylor Moulton
Events Director: Jane Kim
Financial Director: Richa Patel
Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Kiara Baton
Senate Representative: Hakeem Shoola

As mentioned in the last meeting, our Student Government Representative continues to be Kelsey Mumford as she ran through University Elections last month and won so don’t forget to congratulate her as well!

Here’s the link to this meeting’s Powerpoint slides in case you missed anything, and I’ll be sending out the UTNSA scholarship application form tomorrow! Remember that even if you don’t have active member status right now, you still have a chance to be one as we have lots of volunteering and socials happening before the scholarship application deadline of April 4th! You need to have attended 3 meetings, 3 socials, and done 6 hours of volunteering to be considered active member status.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Liana Lo Chau
UTNSA President

Officer Elections on Weds., March 23rd

Deadline for officer nominations have been EXTENDED until the start of the meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, March 23rd at 7pm) before we start officer speeches and voting. If you’d like to run, I HIGHLY encourage that you email me (lianalochau@utexas.edu) by TONIGHT so that your name will be printed on the ballot rather than having it to be written down if you nominate yourself during the meeting! Below are the current number of nominations for each position so far:
President1 nomination
Vice President: 1 nomination
Administrative Director: 3 nominations
Financial Director: 1 nomination
Breakthrough to Nursing (BTN) Director: 1 nomination
Events Director: 2 nominations
Senate Representative: 1 nomination


Voting is during the tomorrow’s UTNSA meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd at 7pm in CBA 4.328. There will be LOTS of FREE food provided, including pizza, sandwiches, cookies, and drinks! We’re also going to raffle off 2 Kaplan books during the meeting!
Hope to see y’all there!
Liana Lo Chau
UTNSA President

3/10/16 Meeting Slides and Officer Nominations


Thank you to all who came to the last meeting! Here’s the link to the meeting slides. I am now accepting nominations for UTNSA officer positions until March 21st via email. Simply state which position you’d like to run for.

We will hold elections during the next UTNSA meeting on Wednesday, March 23rdI highly highly highly recommend that everyone run for a position!! If you have ANY questions or concerns about running or are wondering what it means to be an officer, please either contact me or the current officer whose position you’d like to run for. There is a brief description of officer duties on the meeting slides as well.

As always, please let me know if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns! Hope y’all have a fun and relaxing Spring Break!! 🙂

Liana Lo Chau
UTNSA President

Welcome to the NEW UTNSA Website!

Hello UTNSA!

Welcome to the brand new UTNSA website! We have transitioned from our old website (http://nursing.utexas.edu/utnsa/) into this one! We will start posting frequently in this website about any upcoming events and meetings as well as keep utilizing our Facebook page. Here’s some upcoming news to keep in mind for this week!:

Upcoming UTNSA meeting is this Thursday, March 10th, at 7pm in CBA 4.326!! We’re having an ER nurse guest speak at this meeting! We’re also going to talk about 2016-2017 OFFICER NOMINATIONS during this meeting! We’re accepting officer nominations from now until March 21st. You may nominate someone for a officer position, or you may nominate yourself. Please email lianalochau@utexas.edu to state your nomination. Elections will be held during a UTNSA meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd. A description of each officer position will be provided during this upcoming Thursday meeting, and an email will be sent out shortly afterwards with the descriptions as well.

Please email me if you have any questions or just comment below! Thanks! 🙂

Liana Lo Chau
UTNSA President