ZEST Toolkit for Suicide Safe Care Centers

The ZEST toolkit is intended to provide guidance and support to community behavioral health centers in Texas to implement the zero suicide framework. The toolkit outlines goals for each core component and provides tools and resources to guide implementation activities. The toolkit is currently being updated by the Health and Human Services Commission and a new toolkit is expected to be published in 2022.

ZEST Toolkit Cover Page & Contents

Chapter I: An Introduction from the Texas Suicide Prevention Coordinator

Chapter II: A Statement from Texas Leadership

Chapter III: Overview of ZEST and Purpose of the Toolkit

Chapter IV: Leadership and Organizational Support

Chapter V: Screening for Suicide Risk

Chapter VI: Suicide Risk Assessment

Chapter VII: Workforce Competency

Chapter VIII: Safety Planning

Chapter IX: Pathways to Care

Chapter X: Care Transitions

Chapter XI: Special Populations

Chapter XII: Postvention

Tools and Resources

ZEST Organizational Assessment

ZEST Planning Worksheet

Suicide Safe Care PDSA Worksheet

Measures Tracking Worksheet

Sample Suicide Safe Care Policy

Sample Zero Suicide Policy – Georgia

Pathways Quick Reference

Sample Pathway Education Handout – Adult English

Sample Pathway Education Handout – Youth English

Sample Pathway Education Handout – Adult Spanish

Sample Pathway Education Handout – Youth Spanish

Cultural Considerations Handouts

Creating Linguistically and Culturally Competent Suicide Prevention Materials (SPRC)

Sample Postvention Guidelines

Sample Notification of Death by Suicide Memos