About Us

   The University of Texas at Austin branch of the IEEE Power & Energy Society is a student organization of engineers pursuing research, education, design, and development of electric power engineering. The society emphasizes renewable energy sources, but encompasses all aspects of power engineering: from the smallest scale power application, to power grid design problems, to power generation sources. While each member may have a specialty interest, the PES encourages a discourse on the future of power generation, economical operations, and environment-friendly alternatives. As a part of the worldwide IEEE PES community, the UT Austin branch continues to uphold the values and ideals of the society at large. Furthermore, the students actively seek to educate students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding community with regards to renewable energy sources and alternatives to current standards of power provision.

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Special Interests

    • Renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.) & nuclear energy and  power
    • Power management, conservation, conversion, and small scale power applications
    • Power generation, transmission, and distribution; electric utility


Primary Functions

    • Maintain the UT Austin Solar Radiation Database
    • Develop a web presence where information from the solar radiation equipment is
    • presented to others
    • Operate and maintain the grid frequency monitoring station
    • Maintain, improve, & display the power bike
    • Develop a portable solar panel & measuring kit for loan to interested high school
    • science teachers in Texas
    • Take charge of the annual bus trip to the Renewable Energy Roundup
    • Assist in other renewable energy promotion efforts, including the Workshop on
    • Renewable Energy

Free IEEE-PES Membership

    1. To become a member of PES, you must first become a member of IEEE.
    2. You can join IEEE and PES by visiting www.ieee.org/join
    3. Select “Join as Student” and create your IEEE Account
    4. After creating your IEEE account, continue through the membership   application and proceed to the “Do you want to add any memberships and subscriptions?” on the same page. Select Power & Energy Society membership and “add selected item.”
    5. Click “Proceed to Checkout.” At the Shopping Card, enter 19PESSTADF in the promotion code box in the Cart and click “Apply”.