Founded in 1921, Kappa Epsilon has had an important impact on the profession of pharmacy for over 80 years through supporting personal and professional development, providing networking opportunities, promoting pharmacy as a career, and participating in various breast cancer awareness efforts. Currently, there are 43 collegiate chapters and 10 alumni chapters across the United States.

Kappa Epsilon supports two professional endeavors on a national level: Breast Cancer Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness. KE adopted breast cancer awareness as a national project in memory of Linda Rodgers, who developed breast cancer during her term as Grand Council president. During the 2005-2007 biennium, the fraternity donated nearly $15,000 to The Young Survival Coalition.

At The University of Texas:

The Kappa Epsilon Xi Chapter traces its roots to the Mortar and Pestle Club, which was founded by Jeanne Vogt in the fall of 1941. The club aimed to unite women within the University of Texas College of Pharmacy in “mutual bonds of loyalty, interest and friendship”. The group also aspired to become a branch of a national sorority. On March 31st, 1943, the Xi Chapter was officially inducted into Kappa Epsilon. Since then, the chapter has evolved to become a co-ed fraternity that constantly strives to serve the community, promote leadership and academic excellence, and foster meaningful, lifelong connections among its members. The chapter continues to promote KE’s national projects, as well as a local initiative called Poison Prevention. Through Poison Prevention presentations, KE members are able to educate young children about the dangers of household chemicals.

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