Plutonium for Energy?
Explaining the Global Decline of MOX  (2018)

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1. Recycling Plutonium: What Went Wrong?
Alan J. Kuperman

2. MOX in Belgium: Engineering Success but Politico-Economic Failure
Valentina Bonello

3. MOX in France: Reassessment as Foreign Customers Fade
Kingsley Burns

4. MOX in the UK: Innovation but Troubled Production
W. Neal Mann

5. MOX in Japan: Ambitious Plans Derailed
Hina Acharya

6. MOX in Germany: Reprocessing Spurs Opposition to Nuclear Energy
Kelli Kennedy

7. MOX in Switzerland: Explaining an Uneconomic Fuel Choice
Mu Kwan (Harry) Kim and Alan J. Kuperman

8. MOX in the Netherlands: Plutonium as a Liability
Alan J. Kuperman