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AIChE Fall 2018 Meeting Presentations

Monday, October 29th

  • Demand Response-oriented Modeling and Production Scheduling Optimization for Chlor-alkali Processes—Joannah Otashu, Michael Baldea
  • Optimal Demand Response Operation of an Industrial Air Separation Unit Using Data-driven Scheduling-relevant Dynamic Models—Calvin Tsay, Michael Baldea
  • Structured Adsorbent Pressure Temperature Swing Adsorption Cycles for Metabolic CO2 Removal from Spacecraft Cabins—Armin Ebner, James A. Ritter
  • Gas Separation Properties of Novel Poly(benzimidazole)s—Joshua D. Moon, Benny D. Freeman

Tuesday, October 30th

  • On the Use of the Dual Process Langmuir Model for Gas Mixture Components That Exhibit Single Process or Linear Isotherms—James A. Ritter
  • Multi-scale Modeling and Design Optimization of an Industrial Hydrogen Production Plant with High-resolution PSA and Steam-methane Reformer Models—Calvin Tsay, Michael Baldea

Wednesday, October 31st

  • Role of Bed Design Characteristics on the Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Structured Adsorbent—James A. Ritter
  • Green Operation of an Air Separation Unit Using an Efficient MILP Optimal Scheduling Framework—Morgan Kelley, Michael Baldea


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