Student Pharmacist Recovery Network


The Students Pharmacist Recovery Network (SPRN) is a program for pharmacy students at the University of Texas designed by conscientious students, faculty members, and staff members of the college. The purpose of the SPRN is to act as a concerned intermediary by assisting pharmacy students having personal problems including emotional stress, alcohol or other drug abuse problems, or a combination of these. SPRN students, faculty, and staff members are able to refer others to the appropriate University and Austin resources that best address their particular needs.

  • To focus pharmacy student activities in the college on educating others about drug problems including overuse, misuse, and addiction;
  • To provide an organization that can serve as a safety net for information and referral to help students who are having problems with mental and drug issues;
  • To enhance interprofessional collaboration in these areas among health professional students at the university;
  • To advocate for curricular changes that will increase pharmacy students’ knowledge about how to handle drug problems in patients.

SPRN Constitution (PDF format)