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Shreya Thiagarajan

In a world of weight loss tricks suggested on the internet there is a new fad — the apple cider vinegar (ACV) diet. It is said that drinking a teaspoon of ACV diluted with water either before or after your meals helps you lose weight more easily. Though its proponents hail it as a simple and effective way to shed a few pounds, does it really work?

There is limited science to direct us. One 2009 study of limited quality with a sample size of 175 people found that those who consumed ACV had lower levels of certain fats called triglycerides in their blood. Another small and limited study suggested drinking ACV before meals made you feel fuller so you would avoid overeating.  

ACV can harm tooth enamel if not diluted. ACV can also disrupt the activity of certain drugs like insulin and diuretics, which might affect potassium levels. ACV is safe to consume when diluted and when it is not taken in conjunction with other medication. It’s not clear that ACV can help you be healthy and achieve a healthy weight.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the idea that the apple cider vinegar is help to loss weight more easily.Thank you for sharing such a useful content with us.

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