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With the new internet trend of trying hot sauces of different levels of spiciness, many spectators are left wondering if spicy foods can be dangerous to consume. On the contrary, there are several studies suggesting that spicy foods have benefits.

For instance, in an experiment in tumor-prone mice, capsaicin (an active component of chili peppers) decreased tumor development. There is also evidence that spicy foods tend to increase satiety via an effect of capsaicin on the nervous system.  This effect may also increase the rate of metabolism. Consequently, some people believe that spicy foods can help with obesity.

One drawback however, is that capsaicin can cause tissue inflammation. A large dose of peppers can irritate the stomach and intestinal mucosa which may lead to the burning feeling you get after consuming very spicy foods. 

In moderation, spicy foods may  have various health benefits. So do not shy away from adding a pepper or two to spice up your dinner! 




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  1. Hi, very good to know :).
    Btw, is it true that chili peppers, compared to pepper grain, doesn’t irritate the internal mucosa as much?

      1. Awesome insight Kavya, thanks for it, I never tried the black one!
        Would be great to have a Think twice in the form of fact check. If they like I’d be glad to help and contribute, btw :).

        1. To have a Think Twice review, i meant.
          I hate when I omit a word which I thought and was fundamental. I wonder how they did when they only had mechanical type writing machines like Olivetti, where it was impossible to delete and correct ^_^.

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