Brett Baker – team leader (Assistant Professor) office in Austin NMS 2.110

Kathryn Appler – Grad student (2019-present)

Valerie de Anda – Postdoctoral researcher (2018-present)WEBSITE

Mirna Vázquez-Rosas-Landa (Postdoctoral researcher 2020-present)

JD Carlton – Graduate student (2021 – present)

Xianzhe Gong – Postdoctoral researcher (2018 – present)

Pedro Lopes Leao, Postdoctoral research (2021-present))

Ian Rambo, PhD student (2016-present)IMAG0815_1

Undergraduate researchers

Kathleen Leever

Former lab members

Maggie Langwig, MS Student and researcher (2017-2021)

Kiley Seitz, PhD student (2015-2019) currently a PostDoc at EMBL Heidelberg

Nina Dombrowski, Postdoctoral fellow (2015-2018) – WEBSITENinaD

Sunny Sneed, Research technician (June 2020-2021)

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