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  1. Helen Hector

    Hi Peter

    I’m hoping you are the photographer of this photo:

    I found it on flikr whilst researching a photo compilation blog for I’m doing a piece on how Africa plays football, crowdsourcing images from independent photographers on flikr, and would love to include your image from Mozambique.

    Our blogs are very popular and help drive new visitors to the site, and recruit new members to the ONE campaign. We’re a global advocacy organisation campaigning to end extreme poverty, especially in Africa. As a non-profit we can’t offer to pay to use your image, but would give you a credit and a link, plus would love a caption from you telling more about the moment.

    Here’s our blog where the post would appear:

    I hope to hear from you, many thanks for your time,
    Digital Content Manager, ONE


    I am no academic, after 25 to 30 years of reading and reserching I finally
    found what is the reason that North America (north of Tropic of Cancer)
    as we know it was kicked off by a Portuguese led bunch of highly globally
    oriented people.
    Monterrey, six hours south of Austin, and the region were started by
    Portuguese, Border Leonese and Castillians, Atlantic Coast Andalucians
    (most common lastnames here like my Garza), Basque, with some
    Genoese and possible Dutch and German involvement= Rare for
    1580’s in this part of the world.
    My last take on my project is to base it on concepts like liberal
    open markets (contraband), Globalization, transnational
    partnerships involved; a project crushed by vested interests
    and the Inquisition. 400 years later Nafta made the original
    vision possible…the descendants thrived.
    Obviously this is sort of our family trees involved. The Garza
    were involved at least since Columbus’ third trip.
    My problem is that I am not scholarly in world-system and
    globalization matters.
    Before going in that direction I need help.
    Could you possible help me taking a critical look on things
    dealing with that? This is very important and I do not want
    to be wrong on those issues.
    My point is Phillip II crushed that project in order to
    privilege, Inquisition, absolutism and mercantilism to
    prevail. Yes, many new Christians involved, but it seems
    the binding factor is modernity. Medievality crushing
    modernity. (this is in a way what is called the
    Albista vs Ebolista parties clash, Alba prevailes and led
    the Spanish Armada to defeat.)
    I as lead to you by reading last year’s The Economist
    article on Globalization.


  3. Ahmed K. Ali

    Dear Peter,

    My name is Dr. Ahmed K. Ali, I am an assistant professor of architecture at Texas A&M University in the United States. I came across your photo which was published in flicker as I was working on my research on Norwegian Vernacular Architecture and I would like to seek your permission for it which I intend to use in my upcoming research paper. Your assistance is highly appreciated. the link for the photo is here:

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Ahmed Kamal Ali, Ph.D.


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