A good idea revisited

According to WordPress I published “Was webAgent a good idea?” almost three years ago. While ultimately I said “yes,” I was a bit ambivalent. Yesterday I was thinking about it some more, and decided I feel a lot more positively about it now.

Mostly this is because I feel like PyPE is such a good environment, and I don’t think we’d have anything nearly that good if we hadn’t waited so long (since we had webAgent) to start building it. So kudos to Guido (for Python) and the Django folks and especially to all the UT people who’ve made PyPE such a great place to develop web applications. (I thought of naming names, but I’m sure to leave lots of people out, so I won’t.)

And if you’re still using webAgent—well, I understand resources are limited and messing with something that’s working is always an issue, but when you get a chance you should really move to PyPE.

Update 2020: Now, of course, you should update to DEM, which is even better than PyPE.