Here is the group after mini-golf with our newest member Devin Rosmarin – second to the right. 2023/12/07
New Fall group picture! Adam Man, Aaliyah Dookhith, Gabriel Sanoja, Anthony Arrowood, Tiffany Jeng, and visiting student Claudia Hanegraaf. 2023/08/22
The group with our new member Tiffany Jeng, second to the left, after completing an escape room. 2022/12/09
World map painting on wood
The group (Aaliyah, Gabo, Adam, Tim and Anthony) after finishing a stressed wood painting of a world map. 2021/12/10
Aaliyah, Gabo and Anthony taking the first group picture at UT. 2021/05/20
Aaliyah and Gabo in France at ESPCI. 2020/08/18

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