We are happy to announce our fall schedule of talks, which will be held in person in Garrison Hall at noon on Fridays. We will post details of specific events as we get closer to their dates.

History and Philosophy of Science Colloquium, Fall 2022

Sept. 23 (in GAR 4.100): Lydia Pyne: “Endlings: Fables for the Anthropocene”

Oct. 7 (in GAR 4.100): Larry Gilbert: “History of the Brackenridge Field Laboratory”

Oct. 21 (in GAR 4.100): Bob Abzug, Megan Raby, and Bruce Hunt: “Writing Biographies in the History of Science: A Roundtable”

Nov. 11 (in GAR 1.102): Josh Frens-String: “The End of the Salted Earth: The US South, South America, and the World that Chemical Agriculture Created”


The HPS Colloquium will also co-sponsor an Institute for Historical Studies roundtable to be moderated by Erika Bsumek:

Nov. 18 (2:00–3:30, in GAR 4.100): Andrew Curley, Teresa Montoya, and Traci Brynne Voyles: “On the Centennial of the Colorado River Compact, 1922–2022”


If you would like to give a talk to our group, or suggest a speaker we might invite, please contact Megan Raby (meganraby@austin.utexas.edu) or Bruce Hunt (bjhunt@austin.utexas.edu).