CNBI Lab Members


PhD Students

Evan Carnahan

Evan is a doctoral student in the ECE program at UT-Austin advised by Dr. Jose Millan and Dr. Emily Porter. Evan is an interdisciplinary computational researcher passionate about integrating multimodal imaging methods to reveal functional neural activity in disabled patients. 

Akhil Surapaneni

Akhil is an MD/PhD student at Dell Medical School and the Dept of Biomedical Engineering at UT Austin, co-advised by Dr. Millán and Dr. John Kuo in Dept of Neurosurgery. Akhil is interested in harnessing neuroplasticity to correct the dysregulation of the neuronal microenvironment in brain tumors, ultimately to improve outcomes for brain tumor patients. He aims to be a neurosurgeon-scientist in the future. Akhil enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball and supporting the Golden State Warriors, running, cooking, and learning new skills. He is passionate about improving equity in healthcare.

Jayanth R Taranath

Jayanth is a Phd student co-advised by Prof. Millán and Prof. Laura Colgin (Neuroscience). He completed his BE in ECE at Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore, India and his MSE in ECE at UT Austin.  During his PhD, he wants to understand the fundamental mechanisms through which hippocampal place cell networks represent myriad aspects of cognition (such as spatial memory) and perform real-time-decoding+closed-loop-stimulation of such systems in rat models in-vivo. Eventually, this would not only provide information on how such complex memory systems in mammalian brains work (a basic scientific question), but also potentially help us decode and rectify damaged memory systems (like in Alzheimer's). 

Hussein Alawieh
Hussein Alawieh is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Texas at Austin. Hussein joined Dr. Millán's CNBI lab after earning his Bachelors and Masters of Engineering in ECE from the American University of Beirut (AUB). During his graduate years at UT, Hussein's research will be focused on developing brain computer interfaces (BCI) that can be translated to clinical use in cases of motor and cognitive disabilities
Satyam Kumar
Satyam Kumar is an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate student in the CNBI lab at the University of Texas at Austin. Before joining Dr. Millán at UT, Satyam earned his Bachelor-Master of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) through a dual degree program. Satyam plans to pursue research focused on computational approaches for faster user training and adaptation in non-invasive brain-computer interfaces during his Ph.D. at UT Austin.
Minsu Zhang

Minsu's research interests lie in the clinical applications of non-invasive brain stimulation interfaces, with focus on implementing closed-loop neural control

Deland Liu

Deland is currently a PhD student supervised by Prof. Millán at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on creating brain-machine interfaces to assist people suffering from motor, cognitive and sensory disabilities. Prior to this, he was a researcher in the Wearable Technologies Lab at Imperial College London, where he focused on developing wearable EEG-based systems to improve long-term monitoring, the diagnosis and treatment of different medical conditions. He received the M.Eng. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London in 2019. His current research interests include brain-machine interfaces, wearable systems, biomedical signal analysis and neuroscience.



Diego Mac-Auliffe

He is a General Physician, Master in Cognitive Neurosciences and Doctor in Cognitive Neurosciences. He worked as a postdoc with Dr. Jean Philippe Lachaux as part of the Eduwell team, in DYCOG - CRNL, France.

Currently, he is working as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. José del R. Millán at the Clinical Neuroprosthetics and Brain Interaction (CNBI) Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, USA. He is an expert on intracranial EEG, and my current interests are BCI, human prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Frigyes Samuel Racz

Samuel graduated as a General Physician/Doctor of Medicine and has a doctoral degree in Theoretical Medicine. He wrote his thesis on the scale-free aspects of dynamic functional connectivity in the brain. He worked as an assistant lecturer and research scientist at the Department of Physiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, before joining The University of Texas at Austin. He currently works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Neurology in the labs of Dr. José del R. Millán and Dr. David Paydarfar. His research interests include developing systems relying on brain-computer interface training and closed-loop brain stimulation that can be utilized in clinical conditions such as cognitive aging, neuropsychiatric or neurodegenerative disorders. Outside the lab he enjoys listening to and playing music, movies, and sports.


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