LAH Fall 2023 Class list, Registration Tips and Hints and LAH Scholars Portal Link

Attached is a list of LAH lower and upper division Fall 2023 course options that are reserved for just for you! We reserve the courses using the LAH ’26’ honors code( (not by EID).


Double check to make sure you have the honors code at the end of major. If it’s not there, please let me or Linda know, and we will add it back to your major code.  If the class is open during registration, you should be able to register for it.

There are only a few seats in the lower-division sections, as I need to save most for the incoming LAH Class of 2027. (Exception: SPN 311 most of the seats are available to current LAHers).

If there is a class you are interested in and you don’t get a seat, please try in mid-July or in August, as any remaining seats will be released for all LAH students.

LAH first year students-make sure to register for the second-year cohort class: LAH 112H, The Nature of Inquiry

30915 W 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. PAI 3.02 Face-to-face BROWN, VIRGINIA A

Upper-division LAH courses Tips and Hints:

The upper-division LAH classes are small seminar style classes and can be very competitive. Make sure to have options! To view course descriptions of the LAH Fall 2023 offerings, just go to the Liberal Arts Course Description Database and select LAH.

If the class is cross-listed, it doesn’t matter if you register for the class under LAH or the cross-listing department, it will count towards honors and the department requirements. Example: GOV 370R Money and Politics and LAH 350- Money and Politics will apply towards upper-division honors and GOV.

The GOV department reserves their GOV-honors seats by EID. If you are a GOV major, I would recommend contacting the GOV department, so they can reserve a seat for you. The LAH seats are on a first come-first serve basis.

LAH classes cross-listed with English are extremely competitive. Most of the seats are controlled under the English cross-listing for students pursuing English Honors. There are only a couple of seats under the LAH number. Do not contact the English department for access to register unless you admitted into the English Honors Program.

The LAH 340L, Legal Internships and Law is the only upper-division course that has an additional application to complete.  To be eligible to register for LAH 340L, see LAH course descriptions for more details.


Waitlists for all upper-division LAH classes will be turned on in the morning of Friday, April 14th

Here’s a link to the LAH Scholars Portal: to track your progress towards the *LAH Scholars and Distinguished Scholars certification requirements and to log in your enrichment experience hours (student leadership, research, study abroad, internships, community service)

*LAH Scholars and Distinguished Scholars is an internal certification. If you are pursuing Distinguished Scholars, College Honors will appear on your transcript.

Happy registration!


LAH Fall 2023 Courses