Visualizing the 19th-century Mexican Political Sphere


Spring 2019


Alexandria Suarez, Master’s candidate in Information Studies

This visualization depicts the relationships between Mexican photographers and their subjects during the War of Reform and the French Intervention in Mexico. The photographs depicted in this visualization are from the Genaro García Photograph collection at the Benson Latin American Collection. As part of a School of Information capstone project for spring 2019, Alexandria Suarez was tasked with digitizing 425 photographs from the collection and creating a visualization to show relationships among the photographers and subjects. The project entailed digitizing photographs, creating image derivatives, creating and implementing metadata, creating the visualization using Gephi, and publishing it online using Github.

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Historical Context

Photography in Mexico

Case Studies


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  • Olivier, Debroise (2001). Mexican Suite: A History of Photography in Mexico. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

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