Context: Provisional Instruction Created by the Visitador Ordering the Administration of the Royal Treasury by the Ramo de Cruzada (G206-27)


This is another decree issued by Gálvez, with the support of Viceroy de Croix, on the distribution of information and the management of finances. In this case, Gálvez published orders for the church treasuries related to the ramo de Cruzada. The Visitador specifically references the treasuires of the archbishopric of Mexico City and the bishoprics of Puebla, Oaxaca, and Valladolid. This document illustrates how the efficient management of church revenue contributed to the overall goal of improving the effectiveness of Spanish rule in the Americas.

Spatial Context:

See the map below for a visual representation of the central cities of the bishoprics referenced in this document.

[map under construction]

Major Players:


Jose de Gálvez, Royal Inspector to New Spain 1765-1771



Carlos Francisco de Croix, Viceroy of the Spanish kingdom of New Spain 1766-1771




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