Context: Decree […] by the Visitador about the Sales Tax of Ecclesiastical Treasuries (G206-22)


In a decree from late 1770, Gálvezthe Visitador issued a series of orders about the sales tax obligations and privileges of an ecclesiastical institution in their purchases and sales of certain items and properties. He references the economic implications of property expansion and the important religious obligation of caring for the poor. Legal precedent was important as a legitimizing force for his decree, as evident in his references to the Recopilación de leyes. This document records those orders and cites their approval by the viceroy.

Major Players:



Jose de Gálvez, Royal Inspector to New Spain 1765-1771




Carlos Francisco de Croix, Viceroy of the Spanish kingdom of New Spain 1766-1771



 Antonio Rodriguez de Pedroso y Soria

Conde de San Bartolomé de Xala,

Lieutenant Captain in the Order of Santiago

Don Juan Antonio Varela, Subdelgado

Don Domingo Rabago and Doña Maria Josefa Peinado,

previous owners of religious properties

Juan José Martínez de Soria, escribano de gobierno

Important Places:

Hospital of San Antonio Abad, first founded 1530, but only meaningfully established after 1628

Convent of Our Lady of the Incarnation

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