Context: Report by the […] Treasury of the City of Mexico on […] Values […] Compared with those from the Previous Rent Cycle (G206-28)


In this document, Gálvez summarizes and compares the value of rent collected in six parish districts of New Spain over two periods: 1767-8 and 1769-70. The six regions were Puebla, Valladolid, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Durango, Mérida de Yucatán, and the Mexico City area. The use of a written synthesis of the information in addition to the presentation of the data in a table reveals the importance of producing easily comprehensible documents. Since Gálvez was collecting this information to report it to the king, the clear presentation of his findings was important. While not all of these regions turned in their financial records, there was a notable overall increase in revenue, as Gálvez points out.

Spatial Context:

See the map below for a visualization of the main cities of the bishoprics discussed in this document.

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Major Players:



Jose de Gálvez, Royal Inspector to New Spain 1765-1771


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