Raul G. Longoria


As a professor of mechanical engineering, my focus is in advancing and teaching methods for physical system modeling, simulation, and estimation and control. My research relies on practical applications to motivate how principles and methods in these areas need to be improved, particularly in using modeling and simulation in design of new, innovative systems and devices. Over the years, my students, collaborators, and I have worked on a wide range of problems and applications, many of which are detailed on the RESEARCH page.

I began commuting by bicycle in about 2007. My preference is to avoid driving to campus, despite my strong affinity for ground vehicle systems, the dynamics and control of which I have enjoyed teaching and researching for over 20 years.

I was born and raised in Mission, Texas, at a time when it was still a small town in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. My wife, Monica, and I raised two daughters in Austin, being fortunate to make our home here since we both arrived in the early 1980s to study at UT-Austin.


  • Image – hierarchical physiological control and 2PTP
  • Image – hMCL
  • Image – estimation of trajectory and energy
  • Image – mobile-robot vision and learning
  • Image – SVR estimation