Jenny Hall

Jenny is a Master’s student who previously earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She hopes to learn how to better integrate cyclists and pedestrians into intersections that are located near densely populated areas with high foot traffic. In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis, painting, and checking out Austin’s best nature spots with her close friends. Some of Jenny’s previous work includes:

Separate Cyclist Signals (2017)
Researched cyclist behaviors before and after the input of bicycle signals across the Austin area. I reduced video data for a behavioral analysis and completed a research paper for the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Annual Meeting using the collected before and after data.

Comparing Unsafe Cyclist Behavior Among Three Urban Test Beds in Austin, TX (2018)
This research paper was published by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers Annual Meeting and was based on the collected data from the implemented separate cyclist signals across the Austin area. The three urban testbeds within Austin were considered either low, medium, or high on a level of cyclist safety. After comparing these test beds-level of safety, it was concluded that the testbeds that were considered areas with a higher level of cyclist safety resulted in cyclists feeling a higher level of comfort, meaning that cyclists would run red lights or ride on pedestrian sidewalks due to this comfort. Furthermore, areas that had lower levels of cyclist safety resulted in cyclists feeling a lower level of comfort, meaning the cyclist would adhere to the traffic laws and act as a vehicle.

Safety Optimization Literature Review (2019)
Background literature review on optimizing the safety project section process for transportation agencies. This literature review provided a step by step on how to optimize and their safety selection process and be able to choose projects that are proven to be most efficient given an areas specific crash and environmental conditions.

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for Neighborhood (2019)
Hired by neighborhood to conduct a Traffic Impact Analysis on the effects of a proposed construction plan for a charter school.

Parking Analysis for the Texas Performing Arts department (2020)
By the request of both Dean Sharon Woods and Dean Doug Dempster, conducted a parking analysis on the effects of the construction of the new Moody Arena would have on the available parking for events held by the Texas Performing Arts department. This analysis’s purpose was to conclude if enough parking would be made available for future Texas Performing Arts events after the removal and reestablishment of major parking facilities toward the Moody Arena.

Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education (CAMMSE)
Project ID: 2020 Project 05, Forecasting Bicycle Facility Demand to Estimate Societal Impacts. Researched and created predictive models for bicycle facility usage in order to estimate the usage of a proposed bicycle facility. These predictive models used zonal socioeconomic characters and bicycle/pedestrian counts as predictive variables in order to enable the model to predict the bicycle facility usage by population segments.

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