Program Description

The Portfolio in Museum Studies allows students already enrolled in graduate programs across the university to develop an academic and professional concentration on contemporary issues and practices in the world of museums, galleries, curating, and conservation. Like otherĀ portfolio programs, this non-degree program offers opportunities for obtaining further expertise in a cross-disciplinary manner.

The specific goals of this program are:

  1. To develop an understanding of how museums and their collections shape societies
  2. To develop an awareness of past practices of museums in order to foster an understanding of current and future developments
  3. To develop practical and analytical skills relevant to understanding the increasingly complex roles of museums and those who work in them

Through a set of thematically relatedĀ graduate courses, this portfolio program is meant to promote cross-disciplinary scholarship and study by bringing together faculty and students from a variety of disciplines whose interests and training transcend the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines.

For further information, contact the Director of the program, Assistant Professor Briley Rasmussen:

Colleges and Schools Participating in Museum Studies Portfolio