Freshman Survey Project

In this study, we are assessing the experiences of Latinx/Hispanic freshmen students at UT through an online survey. The study originated from conversations within our own group of undergraduate researchers, many of whom identify as Latinx/Hispanic. As a result, we decided we wanted to hear more about your own experiences in order to help us better understand how we can support or provide resources to students like you. This study is a longitudinal study, meaning we would like to follow students throughout their time at UT asking the same or similar questions, to see how your experiences evolve and change. 

We conducted our first two rounds of this study during the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2020, and have recently sent out the survey for Fall 2021. 

Interested Participants: 

If you have already taken our survey, please visit this webpage to find out how to begin your next survey: Fall 2020 Participants

If you have never taken our survey, please visit this webpage to find out how to begin your first survey: Spring 2021 Participants


We have begun to analyze the data from the survey and have created several infographics to share with you about your responses!

Infographic 2020 English: FSP Infographic 1 ENG

Infographic 2020 Spanish: FSP Infographic 1 SPN

Infographic 2021 English: FSP Infographic 2 ENG Page 1 ; FSP Infographic 2 ENG Page 2

Infographic 2021 Spanish: FSP Infographic 2 SPN Page 1 ; SPN Page 2 In Progress