Program Details:

PSTC Sponsorship Agreement 2019

Membership Dues:

Level A – A minimum contractual payment of $ 20,000 will be required to participate in the center activities. This entry fee will be directed by the sponsoring organization to one of the three focus areas. At this level of participation, the sponsor receives rights to participate in all areas of the program and to receive all technical information generated by all the program researchers.

Level B – In addition to the rights of the Level A participants – an additional contractual contribution of $ 25,000 or more to a specific PI or project entitles the participating organization to have a representative on the Board of Management and the focus area steering subcommittee of their choice. Further contributions of $ 25,000 or more will permit membership on additional focus group steering subcommittees.

The Member Companies will commit to the PSTC collaboration for an initial period of two years. This initial commitment will ensure smooth start-up and realistic measurement of the consortium’s success. The partnership agreement will renew annually after the first two years in order to maintain a two-year rolling commitment, until cancelled or terminated.