BeVote 3.0

Released in October 2020
Android and iOS Version 3.0 have been released and ready for the 2020 general election and is available in the app stores for downloading. New features include social media and gamification. Although BeVote is targeted to UT students, it is just as helpful as an election companion for UT faculty and staff, and really for anyone in Travis County. For more information go to Bevote App.

Buddi-Bot: Your Machine Learning AI Helper With Advanced Neural Networking!

Released in August 2020
Buddi Bot is an isometric puzzle game where you must (re)train Buddi Bot, an advanced AI with neural network technology. With just a click, Buddi will complete tasks like washing dishes or cooking a steak after proper training. Are you prepared for the future? Play and find out: and Steam.

LEAP for Health

Released in August 2020
To address the health accessibility and communication issues facing the South Indian LGBTQ+ community, we adapted LGBTQ+ health curriculum for Indian healthcare providers and presented it in both Android and Web apps (LEAP for Health).

Scientific Explorers

Released in July 2020
The goal of the NSF-sponsored project is to investigate innovative earth science interventions for struggling learners in 2nd grade. The SAGA Lab has developed Sci2Scree, SciFlood and the Virtual Interactive Scientific Practices Assessment (VISPA). Both SciFlood and VISPA have been used in pilot studies with 2nd graders.

Father’s Playbook

Released in November 2019
The SAGA Lab partnered with the Center for Health Communication at The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Texas Health Science Center Tyler to release Father’s Playbook on the Apple Store and Google Play.

SAGA Lab Alumnus and BeVote App developer Robert McInvale graduates with honors

May 2019
Former SAGA researcher Robert McInvale is a featured Class of 2019 graduate. Read more about his post-grad goals to improve technology literacy in government.


Released in March 2019
Environ is now on the Apple Store for download.

Apple Store

Released in March 2019
Documentation on how to submit successfully to the Apple Store for Macintosh apps has been released.

BeVote App

Released in October 2018
The BeVote app is now available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. BeVote empowers and encourages college students to vote.


Released in August 2018
As part of the Scientific Explorers project, SciReefs for the Apple iPad is now in the Apple Store. SciReefs allows students to learn how reefs provide life for fish, as well as protect our coast from hurricanes. Students can attempt to restore damaged reefs.


Released in May 2018
As part of the Scientific Explorers project, SciDunes for the Apple iPad is now in the Apple App Store. SciDunes allows students to learn the effects of wind and water on sand dunes and ways to prevent erosion.


Released in April 2017
The ClioVis web app, developed by the SAGA Lab, is used in a UT History class. Subsequently, obtains a license to commercialize Cliovis.

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