Distinguished scholarship or eminent professional attainment in Aerospace Engineering is the primary eligibility requirement for Sigma Gamma Tau. Undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited Aerospace curriculum must have completed at least five quarters or three semesters of work toward the bachelor’s degree.

Those in the upper 1/3 of the senior class, upper 1/4 of the junior class, or upper 1/5 of the sophomore class are eligible. Graduate students must be in good academic standing and have met similar requirements. After the scholastic requisite is fulfilled, selection is then based on a high moral character and a strong interest in Aeronautics and/or Astronautics.

By recognizing this group of young Aerospace engineers, Sigma Gamma Tau seeks to identify those from which the future advances in the profession are most likely to come. Membership is also extended to those individuals in the Aerospace industry who have made significant contributions to the profession.

General Requirements For Pledges:

  • Pay national and local dues ($25 and $35, respectively)
  • Earn the number of required points specified in the pledge packet
  • Attend Initiation Banquet & Elections