This website serves as space for students, educators, parents, arts administrators, and high school guidance counselors to visit and learn about fine arts educator opportunities in the state of Texas.

This website hosts a list of fine arts educator preparation programs, job descriptions, job openings, average salaries, and the joys of the work of a fine arts educator. It celebrates fine arts teachers and the role they play in schools in communities throughout the state of Texas.

This web site is geared toward high school students considering becoming a fine arts educator in the state of Texas. However, the information could be useful to a student in a junior college looking to transfer, someone outside of Texas just wanting to learn about the role of a fine arts educator, or even someone with a bachelor’s degree looking to get certified.

While developed and maintained by the office of UTeach Fine Arts in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin, these resources seek to serve and highlight programs preparing fine arts educators from across the state.