Art Teacher

Photo of Liz Abrahams reviewing artwork with elementary students

Visual Art educators teach on elementary, middle school, and high school campuses. Students are required to complete one fine arts course in middle school and one fine arts high school credit for graduation. Depending on the campus and district size, there may be one elementary art specialist assigned per campus. Elementary art teachers generally serve the entire campus, which could be 400-1,000 students per campus. Classes are scheduled on a rotation, allowing each class to attend art class on a rotating schedule with music, and physical education. For some campuses, this provides art instruction for each class once or twice per week.

For many secondary schools, specialized art courses are offered, and enrollment allows for multiple art teachers per campus. Some examples of specialized classes at the high school level include drawing, photography, ceramics, and painting. High school teachers generally serve anywhere from 120- 175 students per teacher. K-12 art programs showcase student exhibitions on their campus regularly, and many secondary art programs participate in VASE and Scholastic Art competitions.