Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher Natalia Luna instructing middle school students

Dance educators teach at the primary and secondary levels for all learners.  At the primary level, dance educators may teach as part of an arts-integrated curriculum and develop student skills and knowledge through creative dance, dance making, and different cultural and historical dance forms and styles. Depending on the campus and district size, there may be one elementary dance specialist assigned per campus. Elementary dance teachers generally serve the entire campus. Classes are scheduled on a rotation, allowing each class to attend dance class on a rotating schedule with music, theater, and physical education. For some campuses, this provides dance instruction for each class once or twice per week.

At the secondary level, specialized dance classes are offered and allow for multiple dance teachers per campus.  Specialized classes in dance include physical practice for dancing and performing in diverse dance forms, styles, and techniques; creating and composing dances; knowing history, culture, and context of dance forms, artists, and choreography; and critical thinking in and through dance. At the secondary level, where dance educators are also P.E. certified, students may enroll in dance to fulfill their physical education credit.  Enrollment in dance also provides an option to complete one fine arts credit at middle school and required for graduation from high school. Additionally, dance students at the secondary level may pursue extracurricular participation where schools offer Dance / Drill Teams or a National Honor Society for Dance Arts.