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Believing that a strong academic enterprise welcomes and thrives upon collections, The University of Texas at Austin has long been one of the world’s distinguished collecting universities. Its holdings, spanning more than 170 million objects, result from research and pedagogical interests that cover a radical range of subjects—archaeology, ethnography, fine and performing arts, rare books and manuscripts, decorative arts, photography, film, music, popular and material culture, regional and political history, natural history, science, and technology.

The Collections: The University of Texas at Austin offers the first sweeping guide to the university’s irreplaceable artifacts. It introduces some eighty discrete collections by outlining their histories, highlighting their strengths, and suggesting their educational functions.

Andrée Bober is the founding director of Landmarks, the public art program of The University of Texas at Austin. She conceived this survey and organized more than three hundred and fifty individuals to lend their expertise. Included is an historical introduction by Lewis L. Gould that traces the formation of the collections and acknowledges many people whose visions are manifest in these material resources.

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This publication was made possible with generous contributions from the Amon G. Carter Foundation, the Still Water Foundation, the Tocker Foundation, and The University of Texas at Austin Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Support for the digital edition was provided by the Charlene and Tom Marsh Family Foundation. Digital distribution is contributed by Ingram Content Group.

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Hard copies are available for sale at University of Texas Press. Hardcover, 9.875 x 12 inches and 720 pages. Includes 807 color and 117 black & white photos. ISBN: 978-1-4773-0785-4.

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