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ComputeGPT is a computational chat model that accurately answers math and science problems. It outperforms GPT-4 with Internet (Bing), GPT-3.5 (ChatGPT), GPT-3, and Wolfram Alpha NLP, scoring 98% across a suite of numerical problems that Bing AI could only answer at 64% and Wolfram Alpha NLP at 56%. One of… read more 


OpenCityAI is a AI chat model trained on a massive amount of public city information, making it able to generate answers for a variety of questions that people may have about their cities. It provides accurate responses with citations in a simple easy-to-use interface. One of the focuses for this… read more 

Ethical AI and Our Future – Lecture Series

Designed to create a campus-wide conversation, the Helen and Jeff Herbert Family University Lecture Series gives first-year students an opportunity to interact with leading members of our faculty—scholars, scientists, and civic leaders who are nationally and internationally renowned. All students, faculty, alumni, staff, and community guests are invited, but the… read more 

Smart City Data Integration

Open Data portals and such for cities are increasingly popular for local goverment to publish and communicate data to the public. While the dedicated interface makes it easy for data owners to upload data, it lacks comprehensive means to connect relavant data for a particular topic of interest. As datasets… read more 

National Housing Data Portal

Open Data portal containing housing data from and additional city information. Users can choose to view aggregated housing data from the residential listings database or market analysis metrics from market hotness index. We enrich this data with US Census demographic data and geometric shp files. Users can… read more