Ioannis (Yannis) Stamatopoulos


Assistant Professor
Information, Risk, and Operations Management
McCombs School of Business
University of Texas at Austin

Office #: CBA 6.484


Ph.D. Operations Management, Northwestern University, 2016
M.A. Economics, Northwestern University, 2015
B.S. Mathematics, University of Athens (Greece), 2011

Research (Technology and Operations, Revenue Management, Supply Chains)

  1. Channel Integration, Sales Dispersion, and Inventory Management, with Santiago Gallino, Toni Moreno. Management Science (2016).
  2. Design and Dynamic Pricing of Vertically Differentiated Inventories, with Christos Tzamos. Forthcoming, Management Science (2018).
  3. Welfare Implications of Inventory-driven Dynamic Pricing, with Naveed ChehraziAchal Bassamboo. Forthcoming, Management Science (2018).
  4. Inventory Auditing and Replenishment Using Point-of-sales Data, with Achal Bassamboo, Toni Moreno. Under Revision (2019).
  5. The Effect of Menu Costs on Retail Performance: Evidence from Adoption of the ESL Technology, with Achal Bassamboo, Toni Moreno. Under Review (2019).
  6. Menu Costs and the Bullwhip Effect: Supply Chain Implications of Dynamic Pricing, with Rob Bray. Under Revision (2019).
  7. Economies of Scope in Reverse Auctions: An Application to Road Salt Procurement, with Diwakar Gupta, Matt Schmitt. Under Review (2019).
  8. In-Store Promotional Displays: An Empirical Analysis Using IoT Data, with Ashish Agarwal, Jacob Zeng. Work in Progress (2019).
  9. Estimating the Operational Costs of Pricing, with Soheil Ghilli. Work in Progress (2019).

Teaching (I teach in the Spring Semester)

  • OM335 – Operations Management (BBA): 2017, 2018, 2019
  • OM380 – Empirical Methods (PHD): 2019


  • Referee for Management Science (Meritorious Service Award 2018), Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (Meritorious Service Award 2019), Production and Operations Management, CBOM Junior Scholar Paper Competition (2019), MSOM Service SIG (2019), MSOM Student Competition (2019)
  • Advising: Chang Yoo (committee member – first placement: McGill), Jacob Zeng (advisor – expected graduation: 2021), Hale Erkan (advisor – expected graduation: 2023)