Welcome to the Circuit Research Lab (CRL) at the University of Texas, Austin. We are located in the Engineering Education and Research Center (EER) within the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department, Cockrell School of Engineering. Our research is focused on devices, circuits and architectures for machine learning hardware accelerators, in-memory computing, emerging logic/memory nano-devices, heterogeneous and 3D integrated circuits, hardware security, rad-hard and cryogenic computing.

There are multiple positions available for prospective graduate students. Please refer to the publications page for ongoing research projects. Feel free to send a note to Jaydeep along with your latest CV. Prospective students having strong background in above mentioned areas are encouraged to apply. Please check UT ECE graduate programs for more details.

Contact: 2501 Speedway EER 4.882, Austin, TX, 78712, Phone: 512-471-4802, E-mail:

Research support: We are grateful to receive support from the following organizations


CRL News:

[April 2021] Jaydeep is serving as a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Solid State Circuits Society (SSCS) for the term 2021-2023 [Link]

[February 2021] Jaydeep is elected as a senior member of National Academy of Inventors (NAI), class of 2021 [Link]

[January 2021] Four papers accepted at 2021 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC).

[December 2020] Ph.D. student Shanshan Xie receives 2020 Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship [Link]

[November 2020] CRL receives a grant from Sandia National Labs for mixed signal integrated circuits research

[October 2020] Jaydeep receives 2020 Intel Rising Star Faculty Award [Link]

[August 2020] CRL receives a Texas Global Virtual Exchange Grant for international teaching collaborations [Link]

[May 2020] Heartiest congratulations to Aseem Sayal for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Good luck with your new job at Google ML hardware team.

[May 2020] Good luck to CRL students for the summer 2020 internships: Jacob (Sandia National Labs),  Rishabh (Nvidia), Can (Qualcomm), Siddhartha (Apple), Tanmay (Intel), Kashyap (ARM).

[February 2020] CRL receives a SRC grant to develop 3-dimensional memory technologies using back end of line transistors [Link].

[May 2019] Heartiest Congratulations to recent CRL graduates!!! Shirin Fathima, M.S. (joining Apple); Naman Maheshwari, M.S. (joining Samsung), and Wei Li, M.S. (joining Synopsys)

[May 2019] Good luck to CRL students for the summer 2019 internships: Teja (ARM Research), Meizhi (Intel Circuit Research Lab), Jacob (Silicon Labs),  Aseem (Google), Ping Na (Micron), and Shanshan (Texas Instruments).

[May, 2019] CRL receives a DoD grant to explore radiation hardened circuits using emerging devices [Link].

[November, 2018] CRL receives a NSF grant to develop energy efficient Integrated Circuits using phase transition materials. [Link]

[November, 2018] CRL receives a SRC grant to develop advanced SRAM technology for aggressive voltage scaling [Link].

[July 2018] Good luck to CRL student Naman Maheshwari for Fall semester Co-op  at AMD Research.