April 2021 Meeting Minutes

The April 2021 ACA Meeting Notes are now available to view. You can read notes about:

  • Interim Provost Jaffe’s answers to advisor questions
  • updates from the ACA Executive Board about the Compensation Report and the Academic Calendar Steering Committee
  • upcoming ACA elections for the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, and
  • announcements from ACA Committees.

The three main questions that were posed to Interim Provost Jaffe were:

  • Advising Compensation – Advising staff has been deemed essential and critical, as we are on the front lines of student retention and success, yet our efforts have not been recognized by the University with compensation in line with our qualifications and role.  What is being done to address the discrepancy in Advisor pay in comparison to other major research institutions, and Austin cost of living, and will you commit to making advisor compensation a budget priority and advocating for us to President Hartzell and all other parties that have a say in funds allocation?
  • Changes to the Academic Calendar – Advisors already have limited periods to take time off and have heavy workloads, and with the new proposed changes to the academic calendar, it looks like there will be less opportunities to take time off and additional responsibilities. What happens to staff under the new calendar and will the university be compensating advisors financially for this increased workload?
  • Plans for Returning to Campus – With the pandemic shifting, how does the provost’s office plan to support the transition back to campus for student-facing staff who have pivoted into working from home, and will the university be amenable to advisors continuing to work remotely and/or working a hybrid schedule?