Doctorate of Nursing Practice students join ANGS as officers

Less than a year ago, The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing added a new doctoral degree for nurses (The Doctorate of Nursing Practice).  With the addition of the DNP program our graduate student body has grown.  With this, The Association of Nurses in Graduate School welcomes the first DNP officers in the history of ANGS.  As an organization, we feel extremely fortunate to have such dedicated, hard-working and caring individuals joining us as officers. In the photograph, on the left is DNP Representative Janice Hernandez and on the right is DNP Representative Nina Almasy. DNP Officers

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Be in UT’s Thanks Day Video

We all have someone to thank for helping us become students at the University of Texas. This is your opportunity to some of those people a big thanks! UT’s Development Office is making a video for Thanks Day this year and is in search of students “who were given an amazing opportunity through the help of donations to UT (scholarships, programs within your school, study abroad, etc). The video will appear on our school’s Thanks Day website and will be sent to all current UT donors. If interested, please fill out the application found here. Applications are due Friday September 16th.

Thanks for being thankful, and hook ’em horns!


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Welcome to The Association of Nurses in Graduate School (ANGS)

ANGS GroupOn behalf of ANGS, I would like to welcome everyone to our new website. Included on this website is a calendar function that will allow members of ANGS, faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin to stay up-to-date on current and future ANGS events.  Additionally, the website includes a blog function that the ANGS officers will update regularly.

I would like to give special recognition to our University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing Webmaster, Prati Rijal Trimble for her dedication to students at the University of Texas School of Nursing.  Without her, the formulation and execution of this website would not have been possible.

Please feel free to email ANGS with any comments and suggestions.  We are your organization.

Glenn Croft
President | Association of Nurses in Graduate School

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