Author: Harshal Zalke
Harshal Zalke is a graduate student at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. He is pursuing a Masters in Global Policy Studies and is interested in the interaction between International Trade and Politics. Before entering the policy world, Harshal completed a Masters in Operations Research from the Cockerell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. In the summer of 2017, he worked as a GRA at the Energy Institute studying the adoption rate of clean technologies in the world.

The Case of Many Indices – A Study of Disaster Risk Reduction Indices

We live in an age of information. Every day, we are collecting even more data that gives us more insight, and when combined with the modern computation power, helps us improve our understanding of our world. Indices leverage this information

Why Should Developed Nations Grant Asylum to Pacific Islanders

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that American Samoans are citizens by birth. This is a landmark judgment considering the risk that American Samoa faces due to climate change. This judgment segues into a broader question – Do western industrialized

Climate Change and Black Swan (2/2) – Lessons from Samoa

My previous blog talks about the Black Swan effect and why it is better to be an “alarmist” when it comes to climate change. This blog discusses an event that justifies the need to be alarmist when it comes to

Climate Change and Black Swan (1/2) – A Case for Alarmism

American people’s views on climate change can be broadly divided into three categories-  the climate deniers – people who do not think that climate change is a concern, people who accept climate change as a phenomenon but downplay the threats