My research interests lie in the general area of electrical power grid and networked systems. Currently we are interested in developing learning and inference algorithms by leveraging the increasing amount of real-time data in energy and related infrastructure systems. Please see a list of publications in Google Scholar.


Current external funding:

  • DOE SETO grant (co-PI, with Alex Huang and Surya Santoso): “SOLAr Critical Infrastructure Energization System (SOLACE)”
  • NSF CAREER award (PI): “CAREER: Cyber-Physical Situational Awareness for the Power Grid Infrastructure”
  • NSF ECCS award (PI): “Collaborative Research: Towards Communication-Cognizant Voltage Regulation and Energy Management for Power Distribution Systems”
  • DOE CEDS grant (co-PI, with Sibin Mohan): “INGRESS: Integration of Green Renewable Energy Sources Securely with the
    Buildings and Electric Power Grids”
  • DOE ARPA-E grant (co-PI, with Tom Overbye, Anna Scaglione, Zhifang Wang, and Ray Zimmerman), “GridData: Synthetic Data for Power Grid R&D”