The Week of January 13

Last week the team worked on getting the upper X rail ready for the lift of the encoder. We should be able to get the encoder in place and wired up by the end of the week. Over the last weekend we had Praxair truck on site to make sure that we can start our liquid nitrogen deliveries once the tank and VIRUS are in place. This went smoothly and TxDot was on site and will make a recommendation to widen a small portion of the Y at SPUR 77 and SPUR 78 to give the truck good purchase when making its wide turn.

Last week I also reported “The original scheduled date for the tracker to arrive was the week of Jan 27, as see in the gantt chart blogged on August 12, 2013. We should be able to make this milestone without any delays.” Given the high price of the crane services and the delicate nature of the operation we wanted to make sure we had everything in place and well tested before the tracker goes on. Thus, we have rescheduled the tracker lift for the week of February 17th.

Next week we will have Ron Leck out from Austin to test the upper X rail motion while the mechanical team assembles the lower X rail.

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