The week of February 13

Despite some pretty poor weather this past week we are finished with the bright time engineering run and ready to start science over the 14 days around new moon. In this past engineering run we found some problems with the wave-front sensor software and implemented a new forward model of the hexapod motion. This new model allows for us to compensate for an unintended very small rotation that is induced by hexapod motion over the course of a trajectory. The impact of this rotation was to cause the field to rotate by several arcseconds over a trajectory. Our new forward model eliminates all of the hexapod induced rotation but allowed us to see a much smaller Azimuth dependent rotation term. This much smaller term will be addressed after this next science run, during the next full moon. Overall, a good improvement to the telescope’s operation.

2 thoughts on “The week of February 13

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    Reading this brings back memories of my star-gazing days. So much has changed in thirty years. My son is new to the science but I feel I am not much help even though we both love it. Is there a suggested site for learning that is trusted but not too advanced that you can recommend. My son is only 15 but he loves it and is advanced beyond anything I can teach him now. Also, any recommendations on a used telescope under 1000 dollars? Thank you

    1. shetrone Post author

      Dear reader,
      We are glad that you and your son are interested in Astronomy. I can not really recommend what you should get since there are many factors that play into this. A few of the most critical are: 1) Do you live in a dark site and are you going to be driving with your telescope to some other location. 2) Are you very computer savvy and want to have the entire thing automated and point to objects for you instead of learning to move around the night sky with a star chart? I suggest you get in contact with a local amateur telescope club and spend a little time with them on one of their star parties so you can see the different pros and cons. Keep looking up.


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