The Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights (formerly Texas Forum on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights) offers membership by application process to incoming and current law students, including LLM students. The Journal is an excellent source of information on current issues in civil liberties and civil rights law. The Journal is also available on Westlaw, Lexis, and HeinOnline. Additionally, the Journal holds an annual conference and other events related to civil liberties and civil rights.

Interested students can apply at the beginnings of the fall and spring semesters, as well as through the summer write-on. Details on deadlines will be made available.


There are three primary phases to our staff editing process each semester. We have relatively light editing responsibilities for our staff editors as compared to our journals, and no set hours requirement. It’s all about getting the work done. We typically have many 1L members.

Staff Training. We host a mandatory staff training for all staff editors, to include all aspects of editing such as bluebooking and MOUSing. This is typically about an hour and a half to two hours.
Staff Edits. On one day, typically on a weekend, early in the semester, each Article Editor assembles their staff editors to pull sources and generally check whether those sources support the content. In total, staff editing may take around four hours, but staff editors should check with their Article Editor for specific scheduling and timing.
Staff Assignments. During about four weeks during the semester, each staff editor is assigned a different editing partner. That partnership is assigned a selection of footnotes and/or above-the-line sections to MOUS and/or bluebook and/or readthroughs. The partnership schedules a meet-up that meets their schedules. In total each week, staff assignments may take around three hours, but staff editors should check with their Article Editor for specific scheduling, assignments and timing.


Details regarding deadlines will be made available around the law school – keep a look-out! Due to the nature of the review process, please do not expect an email to you based on the form below until the review process is complete.

Your Name (As You Would Want It Displayed on the Masthead)

Semester & Year Applying (e.g. fall 2015)

Email ( or required)

Phone Number

GPA (optional; considered if provided)

GPA Current As Of End of Semester (e.g. fall 2015)

Expected Graduation Year

Statement of Interest (400-600 words)

In two to three paragraphs, please state your experience or interest in the area of civil liberties and/or civil rights, including activities inside and outside of school. Keep in mind that you do not have to be interested in (or planning on working in) the public interest sector; many of our members intend to or do work for private firms (both large and small). Your interest or experience may include pro bono activities, a research paper you wrote, participation in a club or group, or perhaps simply an interest you have had since you were younger or developed later in life. Special Note: If you are interested in taking a mid-tier role as an “Associate Editor,” please include a reference to this in your last sentence of your statement.

Dietary Restrictions, if any (if none, please say so)

Upload Your Resume, Writing Sample, and Optional Editing Exercise
Using the form linked below, please submit a copy of your current resume. In addition, please submit a writing sample between five and ten pages in length, double-spaced. Excerpts of longer pieces are acceptable. Second- and third-year students should submit a legal writing sample. First-year students and LLMs may submit a sample on any topic. You may also optionally complete this editing exercise (download into Word and following the instructions – do not use Google docs) and submit it. To upload these three documents, you should use the form here to upload your files (clicking on this link will open a new browser window).

IMPORTANT: Make sure to keep a back-up of your application statement of interest, resume, writing sample, and editing exercise in your records before you submit your application here. We may ask for a copy of your application to be sent by email (please do not do so until we request you do).

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