Women’s Law Caucus Mentor Program

Our annual Mentorship Program is an integral part of our mission to continue to break down barriers for women in the law. Through the Program, WLC seeks to provide law students with mentors who can help guide them through their career, answer any questions they may have, and help them see a path through the law.

  • Matching Program – WLC selects mentors and mentees carefully, attempting to match interests and career goals.
  • Developing Leadership Skills – Early mentorship assists young women leaders in becoming more active in the legal community and more aware of issues facing women.
  • Developing Lasting Relationships – Participants in the program develop deep and enriching relationships with successful women in the legal community.

Women’s Law Caucus Peer to Peer Mentor Program

This program matches incoming first year law student members with 2L and 3L Women’s Law Caucus members. Through the Program, first year students are matched with students of similar interests, and are able to ask questions in an informal and approachable way. This Program fosters community within the 190+ members of Women’s Law Caucus in the Law School.

Outline Bank

The WLC maintains an outline bank for the exclusive use of our members. This collection of outlines has been generously donated by past WLC members for the benefit of future members. They are maintained on Canvas. Once your membership dues have been paid, you’ll be given access to them here.

If you have an outline for a class where you received a grade of “A-” or better, please consider donating your outline to us via email so we can keep the collection up to date.


The Center for Women in Law at UT Law is the premier educational institution devoted to the success of the entire spectrum of women in law, from first-year law students to the most experienced and accomplished attorneys. It combines theory with practice, identifying and addressing the persistent issues facing individual women and the profession as a whole. The Center serves as a national resource to convene leaders, generate ideas, and inspire change.


Ms. JD seeks to support and improve the experiences of women law students and lawyers. Ms. JD strives to give voice to why it matters that women continue to overcome barriers to achieve gender parity in the profession. In doing so, Ms. JD spreads the word: women’s victories are everyone’s victories.

Ms. JD has campus chapters at law schools across the country. Together, these chapters form the National Women Law Students’ Organization (NWLSO). Under the umbrella of Ms. JD, NWLSO is a national organization that represents the interests of women law students, provides a forum for women at law schools across the country to connect with one another and experienced practitioners, and links law school women’s organizations nationwide.