Making voting harder, one small step at a time


Early voting opens here for the primaries and it’s always a good time to check on the information made available for the electorate. I don’t know what else to say about this sorry excuse of portal from the Texas Secretary of State but if you try to learn anything useful here you’ll be sadly uninformed.

While it claims to offer info on early voting and poll locations, you actually cannot access anything here without first putting in personal details to check your voter registration. Ok, so they don’t want anyone who is not registered to actually know where the polls are or when they are open. Dubious but perhaps there’s a reason for this. Nevertheless, submit your details and you still get no information, only a statement that “No Early Election Poll Places are found”. Then you’re left hanging here. You can return to the previous page but are automatically required to enter your info again if you want to try another link.

Intentional bad design? Stupidity? Minimal compliance with public information requirements? Welcome to democracy 2022.

Update – May 24th. I checked the site again today as local elections are happening. No improvement.

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